Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It'’s hard to ride a completely Shimano-free bike. I don'’t even say you should. Shimano still makes a nice barcon shifter for road bikes. You can get it in 8- and 9-speed models, both with the option of friction shifting. And there is always old Shimano. Pluck it off a junker. Buy old stock. Buy it second hand.

Make yourself a sticker that says it succinctly. Take a standard Shimano sticker, such as the little tapes they provide to secure the wires of a Flight Dork computer. They say SHIMANO in a font that facilitates conversion. Cut the sides away from the M. Cut away the A. You’re left with a sticker that says SHIT NO. You can also trim one down to say NO STI. Wear them proudly.
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