Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bike Fit Basic

Never shove your saddle forward if you only want to adjust the reach to your handlebars.

Set saddle position correctly relative to your pedals and adjust stem length and height afterwards.

If you feel like your bars are too far away, check saddle position first. It may need to be further forward. But always check first.

Do not go back to a shop if they shove your saddle forward without checking its position to see if they can. A saddle too far forward can put harmful stress on your knees.

Set your saddle far enough forward to keep the wide part of your butt on the wide part of the seat when you are in proper pedaling position.

Raise the nose of the saddle slightly to level out the part you want to sit on. It seems like it should make pressure worse, but it actually relieves it by tipping your hips back, keeping you where you want to sit.

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