Friday, January 20, 2006

Reorganizing Climate

I used to say we had five seasons up here, spring, summer, fall, winter and none of the above. The fifth season was split. The first part began when the last leaf fell and ended when snowcover began. It resumed when the snow melted and we stared at bleak grayness until leaves broke out some time in May. So it was basically November and April.

Since the winter went soft on us I've decided we really only get three seasons anymore. They are summer, fall and NovApril. NovApril lasts from at least the first of November to the end of May. The globe may be warming on average, but our spring and summer are cooling up here in the Northeast. The winters are shot.

Today felt like April, but without the daylight. I got out of work early, so I dashed out to nab a fixed gear ride. Patches of snow are melting steadily. Streams and rivers are running high. It's April. But it's not.

No doubt we'll get a few rude slaps from winter's cold, wet paw before what passes for real warm weather arrives in four or five months, but I bet I'll get a lot of riding in as well. New England riders have to be ready to grab the chance when it comes and endure some gross mixed precipitation and cold winds in order to rack up saddle time, but we're used to it. Believe it or not, I feel better to have gone out in it than to have hidden away inside. It beats driving. Honest.

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