Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Part of the Plan

As I rode east on Route 25 this afternoon, I passed a minivan from the Lakes Region Planning Commission at the intersection where Green Mountain Road comes in from the south and Route 153 turns off to the north, directly opposite it. Several motor vehicles were making various maneuvers as we all came to the intersecion, some turning, some going straight. There I was, The Cyclist.

About 45 minutes later I came back into the same intersection, this time southbound on 153. I crossed straight over 25 to continue on Green Mountain road. The LRPC van was still there.

I'll bet the regional planners were observing the intersection. There's been some agitation for traffic control there, because flamebrain drivers scream down 25 like they're piloting jet aircraft. They have caused some grim accidents.

Route 25 is about as flat as a road gets in New Hampshire. It's pretty flat by any standard. For several miles it sweeps straight or in gentle arcs past pine forest and wetland held at a respectful distance behind wide breakdown lanes and a cleared right-of-way. Sociopathic speeders pay no attention to the yellow blinking light above the intersection at 153 and Green Mountain Road. Drivers like that only slow down when they actually hit something. So now we may get a traffic light or a land-eating cloverleafed interchange to protect us from them and them from themselves.

The great part is that cycling was represented today. Maybe they'll figure that if they see one cyclist in March there must be dozens in the warmer months. Whatever plan they make has a better chance of including us. At least I like to think so.

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