Monday, May 15, 2006

Get Out the Snorkel

The flooding is much worse to the south of us, but the riding looks to remain damp as I resume the commute on Wednesday. Another storm is forming off the coast tonight, bringing up to two more inches of rain on top of what we've received so far.

Total rain accumulations sound like snowfall totals, with isolated areas recording 12 inches. My rain gauge overflowed yesterday. I don't know how much I missed before I emptied it, but we've added a couple of inches to the six the full tube holds.

At least it's supposed to taper to showers. Riding fixed gear in showers feels hard core. Riding any bike in a continuous downpour makes me question my sanity.

When I have the time in rainy weather I like to drive to a lake that lies along my route and paddle four miles. That takes four or five times as long as riding the same distance, but at least it saves some gasoline. After the paddle I walk the last mile across town. It's a multi-sport day. But it adds at least three hours to the workday, with loading and unloading the boat and all.

I have ridden in a light neoprene tee shirt in heavy rain, when the air was too warm for a rain jacket and too cool just to let my jersey get wet.

Sustained wet weather takes its toll on the bike. You should really open things up and drain them out, even if you have sealed bearings. Or you could do what most of us do and just keep riding with a burden of guilt because you're abusing your equipment.

Those of us who don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, anyway.

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