Sunday, June 11, 2006

Death Match: PG2000 vs. The Cheese

A large portion of the time spent tuning up a bike for a White Lightning addict goes to cleaning the cheese off of everything.

White Lightning cheese is powerful persistent stuff. Those polytetrafluoroethylene particles gather around the drive train and in gobs on the frame. They may land as far afield as the upper seat stays and forward of the front derailleur if the bike's owner just can't stay away from the stuff.

Solvents like Finish Line Ecotech and citrus degreasers do work, but using a degreaser around a drive train means you have to chase it with replacement lube. And The Cheese has proven pretty stubborn.

PG2000, the spray lube from Pro Gold, melts The Cheese faster than a blob of Velveeta in a hot frying pan. Just wipe away the excess after cleaning. The residue enhances the lube on derailleurs or chain, rather than thinning it as a degreasing solvent would. You don't have to use extravagant showers of it. Start with a little and add a little more until it cuts the cheese to your satisfaction.

Put your White Lightning addict into a 12-step program as soon as possible and get them on the Pro Link. They'll thank you for it.

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The Donut Guy said...

Amen. I used to use White Lightning on all my bikes and while it does a good's too much of a pain to clean up after and it's not cheap.