Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Down, and Give Me 20!

With dry roads and some sun between jostling clouds, I seized the moment and hopped out for 20 miles on the fixed gear.

I really need to put the shorter stem back on that puppy. There's nothing like a few weeks off it to point out its peculiarities.

The route took advantage of the west wind. I got out to Route 25 and headed east for several miles, spun out at a comfortable 20.

Twenty. There's a recurring number. But the average wouldn't hold up, even though I can tack on the upwind leg, riding diagonal roads that cross the face of the relentless wind.

A ride always helps. The benefit might not kick in right away, but it always kicks in eventually. Sure, this is not really the beginning of the daily rhythm of regular rides, but it breaks the lethargy.

Perhaps anyone reading this has never suffered from the lethargy. Perhaps you are all so driven, dedicated and energetic that you never get knocked off the bike by the needs of daily life. You never get held back for long enough to lose your momentum. But in case you do, and you can use a reminder to kick yourself in the seat of the pants, here it is. Sometimes you haven't managed to stay on your feet. So get back on your feet. Against all the cobwebs that turn to cables holding you back, against the indefinable reluctance that may seep into your mind, pump up the tires, put on the clothes and get out.

You can't permit yourself to settle for the alternative. The only reason you need for a ride is that you need a ride.

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