Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Kick in the Tail

Amazing how 11 easy miles yesterday gave me something to remember it by when I started today's ride. I shouldn't be surprised.

Another beautiful day today. I got to go out closer to the balmy center of it for a steady 18+ miles of fixed gear in this teaser of early spring. Something nastier has to come along, but it's not on the scope yet. Sure, we get a little something tomorrow into Thursday, but it doesn't push us back to a week of winter.

Silt and Silver softly in the springtime sun

The view from the controls

Warm roads and snow banks

Not much to worry about on a day like this. I was overdressed as usual, but not enough to overheat dangerously. My biggest problem was a constant temptation to stop and sunbathe.


Anonymous said...

Duct Tape ? can't you buy wholesale ?

Ron George said...

Yeah. Did I see duct tape. You're way cooler than I thought :)