Monday, July 20, 2009

It takes so long to get anywhere...

We had to stop along Route 25
For these
Before riding on to Route 153 by Ossipee River to get a pint of raspberries.

Back on 25, the cellist started laughing at a lighted warning sign that said "Crack Fill, Next Six Miles. Expect Minor Delays." Unfortunately, it was surprisingly hard to photograph in the bright summer afternoon.

Keep your shorts snugged up and your jersey pulled down.


RANTWICK said...

Mmmm. Berries.

My fanny pack does an admirable job of keeping shorts up and jersey down. I suppose my fanny pack is my crack fill.

Ham said...

Oh my my:

And Rantwick, over here we can have a good laugh anytime anyone mentions a fanny pack.

RCMC467 said...

Found a really cool video of a decent from BEHIND the peleton.

Dicey, what?