Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Traffic Control/Pest Control

This morning in the construction zone on Route 28 I almost made it to the end before the traffic controller turned her sign and sent two logging trucks and a string of smaller vehicles thundering down on me. I swerved into the lane we weren't supposed to be using, which fortunately was not full of snorting, cavorting heavy equipment.

When I reached the controller I said to her, "Just for the record, I was still in there." I thumbed at the lane I had been stampeded out of.

"Good," she said, and turned away.

Cyclists are apparently a nuisance varmint. Road kill is just a normal hazard for creatures without the good sense to stay out of the way.

To add to the joy, someone told me the construction crew is supposed to finish by applying chip seal to the highway surface. Nothing like an ineffective goo treatment to improve the riding and driving experience. We'll see if it turns out to be true.


RANTWICK said...

Wow, that was pissy. People suck. Except most people most of the time. Sorry you got a bad one today. I hope chipseal doesn't get too popular up here in Canada... that would bum me out.


Steve A said...

I feel fortunate that such things are not going on at the times of day I commute.

Yokota Fritz said...