Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reanimating the dead in various ways

Toast and coffee jostled in my esophagus as I doggedly pushed the pedals on the morning commute. I can't get by on short sleep like I used to. Awakening this morning was reanimation number one.

At work I discovered that Cane Creek had responded with potentially hopeful news of donor parts for the late Volos XL wheel that had expired on the operating table (or so it seemed) last week. It had apparently remained on deep life support, in a coma, as it were.

A freehub body and some bearings are on the way. The bearings are a standard item. The crucial issue had been the freehub. So Hoser's wheel will go back in the ring to fight another round. Ding!

I, too, have ingested sufficient caffeine to carry me at least to the late afternoon slump. It's alive! It's alive! More or less.

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