Monday, August 30, 2010

Attack attack

Back in April I reported on my repair of a mid-1990s Pro Flex Attack with flattened elastomers. I found a couple of elastomers and a spacer to restore the rear suspension to its former travel and height.

A few days ago the bike came back looking like this:

One of the elastomers flattened out like the first set. The other had liquefied. The spacer has disappeared without a trace.

I found a blog on which the writer reported using old inner tube, wrapped and held with zip ties, to replace the absent elastomers on his Pro Flex. We used the technique to fix this one.

What do these people do to liquefy an elastomer? Was somebody playing with a torch? Splashing caustic chemicals around? Storing nuclear waste next to the bike?

Sorry, I didn't grab a pic of the inner tube shock repair. The day turned kind of hectic.


Matt Boulanger said...

He's gotta be storing that bike somewhere that it's getting exposed to ozone or something like that.

Yokota Fritz said...

Wait wait -- he was "just riding along," right?

Ulrich Schl├╝ter said...

It appears that this guy is some hot rider ;-)

My dampers became rock hard a couple of years ago. First replacement were some rubber rings. Secondly I found a real damper at risseracing for this bike and with that it's still fun to ride