Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This simple chart should make things clear

Disc brake pad selection made easy. Sort of. 

Obviously you need to match the make and model of the brake. Beyond that, where you have a choice of pad compound you should try to match it to the customer's riding style and venue. If the customer can't give you clear answers you have to figure out which compound will produce the least amount of annoying noise...from the rider.

Bass ackwards weather this week. The forecast for today called for, "Drizzle. May be heavy at times." How heavy does it have to be before it no longer qualifies as drizzle? What's the next rung on the promotion ladder? Probability ranged from 20 to 40 percent depending on when I looked. I took the odds because my schedule requires me to drive tomorrow when the forecast is completely dry. Friday looks okay so far, but Saturday picks up a 40 percent chance of precipitation including snow. 

Sunday continues the wintry theme. I'm volunteering at the Castle in the Clouds Half Marathon that day. Mountain runners are a tough crowd. They'll love it.


Steve A said...

"Wintry mix" remains my favorite weather description. What is a wintry mix in North Texas, anyway?

cafiend said...

My family lived in Brownsville, Texas, when I was four or five years old. I don't remember much about it, but I remember people down there talking about the Panhandle like it was up by the Arctic Circle.

Meteorologists have developed a standard set of terms. The TV weather reporters seem to spit them out without thinking. One time in January one of them here in New Hampshire referred to conditions as "unseasonably cold." Beg pardon? It's JANUARY. It might be wicked cold. bitchin' cold, cold as a wiccan's mammary, tongue stuck to the flagpole cold, but if ever it was seasonable it's in January.

greatpumpkin said...

I DO remember Brownsville, which managed to have an amazing assortment of really crappy weather. I attended first and second grade there. Of the places we lived, it's the one I have had the least interest in visiting.