Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good advice is good advice

The old tee shirts we get for rags sometimes turn up quirky bits of almost folk art. I liked the lines here, and thought the sentiment applied to bicycling well enough.

Apparently no one else shared my opinion. The scrap of shirt stayed pinned to a wall in an obscure enough location to remain for several years, but I recently found it among the other rags. Fortunately it had not been grunged up.

Other items in the gallery are totally commercial, but hey: Kermit.
And Tweety and Sylvester.
For a while, another mechanic and I had complete collections of every color of foil from Lindt chocolate balls. Collecting the foil and meticulously flattening it is the opposite of peeling the label off your beer bottle in shreds with your fingernails. And if you rip one you need to buy another Lindt ball and try again. Oops.

Sadly, the store downstairs from us, where we got the Lindt balls, has gone out of business. The fancier chocolate place in the building provides excellent specimens to eat, but no multicolored bait for the obsessive compulsive. Probably just as well.

The weather may permit a return to bike commuting before the end of the year. It will be good if things freeze solidly without any more clumpy, wet snow. Get the ground well frozen and then bring us something close to powder.  In New England that may not be very close, but something drier than applesauce would be good.


Steve A said...

Kermit's my favorite.

cafiend said...

I've had Kermit for the longest.