Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Rubber Meets the Road

First commute today. Along parts of the route near my home, snowbanks encrusted with frozen dirt still crowd the road, but they've melted back from all the rest of it.

Ordered the Traveler's Check today. I will need to get a few parts to set up the first kit for it, but they're mostly standard. I wanted to be sure I got the frame in case they run out. I'll change out the axle in a two-sided hub to have 130 mm spacing and a quick-release on its fixed gear wheel. Any front wheel will do.

A time trial bar will pack nicely in the case and provide all the positions I would use in traffic. But of course with removable face-plate stems you can slap in any bar that fits the clamp.

Possibilities. It's all about possibilities.

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