Monday, April 21, 2008

TC Planning

If I had my Traveler's Check on this trip, (and I wasn't sick and the weather was nicer) I might have tried to hook up with some riding buddies. But I wouldn't want to chase them around on their racing bikes, with me on a fixie. Our rhythms would be too different.

While I eschew axle nuts on my fixed gears, I do prefer eighth-inch chains. However, with the modular nature of the Traveler's Check, I might do 3/32-inch instead. That way I could throw in a few sections of chain with connecting links so could bum parts on site to add derailleurs if I wanted to ride with people who shift and coast. I could borrow a rear wheel and even derailleurs. A pair of friction barcons could ride in the bike case all the time.

Most of my friends do have surplus parts lying around. It's not entirely unrealistic.

Bear in mind that I am on the road, basically bikeless and bored, and still a little disoriented with this headcold. What seems sensible in this condition could well fail a more logical analysis in a few days.

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