Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We interrupt this cable housing to bring you these levers

I'd been thinking about adding interrupter brake levers since I first saw them. Many times on the roughest dirt roads and technical trails I'd wished I had convenient brake levers when riding up and back on the tops of the bars. I've also wished for them when riding slowly, touring with slower riders. In both situations I want to sit up and look around.

Adding these will definitely limit my positions on the top of the bars. That had kept me from trying them. Overall, I hope they make this bike more versatile. I set them wider than the reinforced center section to add more light-mounting positions above the bar now that the levers and different cable routing take up space below it. I can easily fit four Planet Bike Beamers now. I could probably fit a fifth one under the bars on the right (bike right, not photo right). That's gettin' crazy.


RANTWICK said...

I have been debating about whether I want these as part of my new, unstarted build. Do me a favour and drop me a line with what you think of them after a while using them, or a quick blog post,of course.


cafiend said...

The world will know.

JAJ said...

I sent someone a pair of those one day, I was hoping they'd be appreciated

cafiend said...

I do appreciate them, JAJ!