Sunday, June 02, 2013

March into Summer

A week ago the Memorial Day holiday weekend was blighted with temperatures in the 40s and rain.
By Wednesday the temperature jumped straight to the 80s. It reached the 90s on Friday. A cold front is on its way to bring things back into a reasonable range for the time of year.

I don't mind the heat except when I'm trying to sleep. And 90 degrees with high humidity puts extra strain on a bicyclist. It's easy to choose clothing, though. Shorts and a jersey. They will be sopping wet by the time you arrive. Yesterday I actually washed my jersey in the sink at work and hung it to dry for the ride home.

Today's cold front may bring strong to severe thunderstorms. The forecast shows it rolling in just after I arrive home from work. I hope that's true. My route offers no place to take shelter from lightning. But if the 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts are a tailwind I might set a new record on the ride home.

It's all sunny and summery out there now. Time to get ready and go.


Steve A said...

There is a WORLD of difference between 90 in New England and 90 in North Texas.

cafiend said...

I hear it's a dry heat.