Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Five Stages of Flat Tire

When coming to grips with the reality of the loss of air pressure, a rider goes through distinct stages.

1. DENIAL: Maybe my tire always pooched out like that. Do things really feel bouncy and squishy or am I just imagining it? I'll hit a little bump and see if tire feels firm.

2.  ANGER: %$#%$#!!! I don't have time for this! What did I do to deserve it?! It's not fair!

3.  BARGAINING: Maybe I can make it the rest of the way to work if I sit forward, avoid major bumps and think pure thoughts.

4.  DEPRESSION: No, it's definitely coming down to the rim. Crap! So much for this ride...Oh maaaann! And I ate a big breakfast, too.

5.  ACCEPTANCE:  I guess I'll pull off here and change the tube...

Today's flat tire, sponsored by the Bottle Breaking Idiots of America, cost me the whole commute. I was too close to home and too low on time to justify continuing on 50 psi with a questionable spare tube and a hole in the tire casing. With proper medical attention I might keep using the tire, but it will require some critical examination and a sturdy patch. So now I'm hoping the afternoon weather lives up to the wet, windy forecast so I don't feel bad for having to drive.

In an additional steaming blob of irony, today's parts shipment included my new Lezyne mini-pump, which I know would get the tire up to at least 85 psi with relative ease. I'm not one to lightly relinquish the old Silca, but the Lezyne I tested impressed me enough that I ordered the high pressure version for road use and the high volume version for the MTB commuter. They also make a mini folding floor pump that sounds like just the thing for loaded touring if you're obsessive about tire pressure.


RANTWICK said...

Bummer. I shall not comment on my good luck with flats. Oh, damn.

Matt Boulanger said...

I don't own any Lezyne stuff, but it looks like solid stuff and i think one of their high-end lights might be a present to myself this fall.

cafiend said...

The new pumps arrived in the afternoon shipment. I can wait to try them out, if you know what I mean. But they are very solid without being heavy.

I haven't gotten to examine any of their lights. I like that they offer helmet mounts. My last unfulfilled wish in the lighting department is a powerful helmet light to augment my generator light on the bike.

Steve A said...

I like my Topeak mini