Sunday, July 13, 2014

Instability in the atmosphere

"Showers are going to precede the front this afternoon and tonight. Then the front is going to stall over us," said the weather man this morning.

He didn't mention that it was going to stall right there, just to the west of town. Watching it on the radar I would have said the rain would be pouring sideways on gale force squalls half an hour ago. I can see it building and building without getting here.

Pretty annoying when I already called for the choppers. But there are few hospitable places on my route where I could take decent shelter if something large and electrical came through. I've lost more bets than I've won, trying to beat the weather around here.


Steve A said...

Electrical storms are one of my less favorite weather conditions, though tornadoes get a bit scary when the sirens go off.

cafiend said...

Tornadoes are so rare here we don't have sirens. One laid down a 50-mile track in July 2008, passing through both Wolfeboro, where I work, and Effingham, where I live. It was a comfortable distance from the shop and my house, but the swath is an easy ride away. It was within a mile or so of my house. I was stuck at work, watching news and weather radar on the computer.

I've been caught out in lightning storms many times over the years. You can get a little wet or a little blown around, but you don't get a little electrocuted. A little electrocuted is still a lot.