Saturday, July 05, 2014

Social Worker

Since my colleague George returned from the distant land of Nova Scotia the mood in the workshop has gone from glum and tedious to a facsimile of the old determined chaos. The glory days are gone forever, but we can still have fun doing good work.

Summer business arrived overnight as the Fourth of July weekend began. The Fourth itself was torrentially rainy here, so parades and fireworks were postponed. The forecast probably kept a lot of people away entirely, but the ones who showed up had little else to do but stroll through the shops. We got a lot of repair work done.

Hurricane Arthur rolled past last night. Tropical rain poured down until at least 5:30 this morning. Sunrise revealed a gray-green overcast similar to what we'd been enduring for several days already. But a freshening breeze tore a few pale blue rips in it. Dropping temperatures and humidity foretold the clearing day.

The season of celebrity rumors and occasional actual sightings is upon us. I really wonder how many movie and TV star types who have been reported in town have ever actually been there. I know some really do spend some time here, but it's probably a lot less than the impression created by the gossip. When would they have time to do whatever made them famous if they're lolling by the lake for weeks?

Deep throating pot roast  aside, it's good to see the variety of work that summer brings. With Big G back in action I feel less like the last guy at the Alamo, thinking, "I'm doing this just so we can have Texas? &%#$@# that!" Banter passes the time much better than a solitary battle. Each individual gets more work done.

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