Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Proud Owner

Owner of brandy-new carbon fiber road racing bicycle: "I hit a pothole when I was riding fast and it made this CRACK noise."

Examining bike: "I can't see anything. It seems to ride fine... I love this bike. It's probably fine."

Yeah, man. I'm sure it's fine. Just stay behind me, okay?


Anonymous said...

yeah im just a bonehead who fell into the trap. im so sorry please dont pick on me

Ralph said...

Turns out the "Crack" sound was just the water bottle slapping against the cage and frame.

I was with the "proud owner" when this incident occurred. The same thing would have happened on a Surly just the sound would have been more of a “clank”.

cafiend said...

I'm too critical of the tech-weenies. I've toyed with the idea of a carbon fiber bike myself. But those warning labels make it sound like you have the choice between starving to death in orbit or burning to death in reentry if a few heat shield tiles get damaged.

And the engine hasn't been redesigned in thousands of years.