Thursday, January 12, 2006

Progress Marches On

Niner Bikes, dedicated to promoting the 29-inch -wheel mountain bike, offers the YAWYD (you are what you drink) threadless headset top cap. It is machined to allow you to press the bottle cap of your choice onto it. "Fits twist off or crimped" according to the manufacturer's website,

In other news, remember how mountain bikes all had quick-release seat post clamps to allow riders to change height during a ride for different terrain? And then that was suddenly geeky and nerdy and every cool person had fixed seatpost binders? Well height adjustment is hip again, with a techie new twist.

Taking advantage of the trend toward oversize seatposts, 30.9, 31.6, Maverick Bikes now offers a post that looks a bit like a suspension post, but apparently works like the hydraulic lift in your office swivel chair or beloved Park Tool mechanic's stool. Pull the lever that extends forward under the nose of the saddle to release the post and adjust height. Groovy. Have your fixed binder and your height adjustment too.

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