Friday, February 17, 2006

The Season of Confusion

The season of confusion continues. My cohort at work and I will take turns going out to ski when the workload is light enough to allow these getaways. Today he took his tag out as a bike ride. We've done this before, but in late March or early April.

He set out into light rain showers. Heavier rain was due to arrive, but he decided to try his luck. That luck ran out when he was at the far end of his loop. Like the plucky soldier he is, he tacked on a little extra, since he was soaked anyway. Good lad. He was borderline hypothermic when he returned, but he gets the hero points.

I thought I might get to ski, so I didn't bring a bike, but the downpour and warm temperatures are rotting the snow as we watch. No hero points for me today.

This afternoon, the temperature is supposed to plunge, perhaps as fast as ten degrees an hour, as gale force winds bring gusts that could top 60 miles per hour.

One ski patroller reported lightning and thunder while she was out on the trail. It's just not a good day to be out doing anything.

After the deep freeze settles in we can expect gradually diminishing winds and grudgingly warming temperatures over the next several days. No new snow. Brutal cold. Conditions that tax the ingenuity.

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