Thursday, April 06, 2006

It snowed again last night

The roads are icy again this morning. In one of New Hampshire's typical cruel weather jokes, I know from yesterday's experience that I should not ride in this morning, but the forecast for this afternoon is for sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. Then it's supposed to rain again by Friday afternoon. They even mentioned snow again.

There's hard-core and then there's stupid. I'm not going to go out when I know for certain I'll be mixing it up with fast drivers on an icy road. I'm not all that keen on it in a car, let alone slithering around on my bike.

Studded tires are an option, but then I'd kill myself when I laid into a corner on dry pavement.

Some people use cars for transportation and bikes for recreation and never give it another thought. Weird, huh?

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