Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trust Rust Follow-up

I was not in the shop the day Famous Coach picked up his corroded Seven. I understand he acknowledged that he had no stem bolt, but took the bike anyway to go ride some group tour. He should be required to wear a jersey that says, "Keep back 50 feet" or, "Destruction Vehicle. Do not follow."


Phil said...

Want to post how you got it undone? I have a threaded Mavic stem stuck right now that I'm trying to get out.

cafiend said...

I did not have permission to get it out. I would try copious amounts of Pro Link chain lube. Liquid Wrench also works, but has a powerful vapor, so be sure you have lots of ventilation.

Removing the bolt lets you pour penetrating oil down the center of the stem. Just put it back if the procedure fails.

A lot depends on what the fork is made of. What kind of abuse can it take? Some techniques involve fire and pounding. How much are you willing to destroy to achieve your objective?