Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Health Care Labyrinth

If I had taken the expensive hospital overnight Sunday, I would probably have gotten a stress test on Monday and then been cleared to return to full duty. But, because I elected to check myself out and wait at home, I played three days of phone tag with my doctor and won't get the test until next Tuesday.

I was finally able to get someone to tell me that all the other work looked good, and I could probably go at "80 percent."

Eighty percent? Does that mean I can ride 24 miles of my 30-mile commute, or ride the whole thing at 80 percent of my regular speed? Of course they can't say, and I won't push it, on the off chance I'm not really Superman. But there goes my 4,000 for the year. I was a couple of hundred miles up on last year. Now I'm falling behind. There's more to life than mileage, but why not get the mileage too? Something always seems to happen to trash an outstanding year.

Basically, I get to dub around in the car and work overtime this weekend for the Columbus Day sale. Well, it beats being really sick.

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