Thursday, December 14, 2006

Four Grand

Another 20 today brings the total to 4,000 on the nose. The weather is supposed to turn more wintry in a couple of days. That might or might not last.

The dirt on Huntress Bridge Road was more like the gritty porridge I had expected. It was still tricky, because the frozen areas would give way abruptly. My tires would break through to the glop, but still catch the stiff chunks at the surface.

The sun gleamed through valley fog onto the dark, reflective surface of the river when I crossed it on Route 25. The mist shrouded the rapids when I crossed them on Huntress Bridge Road.

With the big round-number goal achieved I am more likely to vary the exercise. But cycling measures so nicely. By time, distance and intensity I know what I've done. When cross-country skiing gets going, it offers the same kind of fun flight through the landscape with exercise thrown in for free. Nothing else compares.

We're in the gap now. I'll take whatever I can get.

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