Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Not the limbo where you shimmy under a bar while Caribbean music plays. The one where you are suspended between two states of being.

The forecast for this week is ambiguous. Warm days, colder nights and a chance of "rain or snow" give no clear idea whether we will be serving skiers or cyclists by next Saturday.

The early change to Daylight Relocating Time has given a springlike look to the evenings, but the weather still does what it would have done. Let's get really funny and spring ahead another hour in about a month. Make the sun set at midnight. Why not? We made up the numbers in the first place.

What's left of the natural world still gets along without clocks. While taking advantage of civilization's many conveniences, try to separate yourself from its pretensions enough to see the underlying reality. We came from a simpler past. That much is undeniable, even if you debate how long the past lasted and how simple were its origins. At the start of it all are bare feet standing on the soil. From that came all of this.

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