Thursday, April 19, 2007

Perfectly Lovely

Snap! A sunny, dry day with a mid-day high just above 60.

It felt goooood to get on the bike. Good thing, too, because I had no choice.

I kind of like having no choice.

What didn't feel as good was riding the whole route at commuter pace with no base mileage to speak of. By this time last year I must have had 500 miles on me, if not more. In a normal year I'll have a couple hundred, in a pretty consistent series of rides. This year I had 100-120. This "ride one day, rest four" is no help. A little roller riding doesn't make up the difference.

The time I save when I commute by car does not add up to time I can put into good training. I might save 20 or 30 minutes morning and evening, but with transition time to get ready to train and tidy up afterwards it's a net loss. It's too easy to put it off for one more day, until several days have gone by.

This is why I got into commuting in the first place. If you put that ride squarely in your way, you have to get it done to get to work and get home for supper.

The weather looks decent for a few days. I just have to remember to take it easy until I have more base mileage.

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CTodd said...

I agree. I totally dig commuting by bike.