Thursday, May 03, 2007


So a guy brings in his nice old Dean, with a right-side Campy Centaur Ergopower ten-speed shifter that's gone stupid.

I don't have the absolute latest tech bulletins and manuals from Campagnolo, but I'm not worried. By printing out just the parts diagram from a PDF on Campy's website and using old manuals in our file, I can get into the shifter. Campy is built to be repaired, remember?

Dissecting my way down through a simple stack of few parts, I find that a ratchet spring has fatigued and broken. It's the most common breakdown. Years ago, we ordered a bag of Ergopower springs for our summer customers who might drop in with a problem while touring around the lake.

The date on the bags says "Model year 1998-99." Are we doomed? Stuck? Stymied?

It's Campy, remember? The springs still work in the new levers.

Hah! Stick THAT in your sake cup and choke on it!

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