Friday, November 16, 2007

Need a Ride, Not Getting a Ride

Not posted when I wrote it. Here it is now.

Two mornings of pouring rain have kept me from riding. Yesterday the rain lasted all day. Today it is supposed to clear once I am at work.

Rejoining the motoring public for the dark, miserable winter, I observe that the section of Route 28 on my shorter drive to Wolfe City is much more thickly populated with sociopathic assholes than the longer drive up to Jackson. When I go by bike, these people rumble by me without a sideways glance. They only extend their aggression to motorists in their path. Stuck in a car, I have to put up with more of their antics.

Based on transportation principles alone, I should find other work. Maybe I should even move to another area entirely, where I can forgo the car. But life is not that simple. In order to support things I support here, I have to accept the need to carry large items quickly across longer distances than would be practical by human power alone. In the country, things are farther apart. In the city, things are too crowded and overbuilt. Take your pick.

Suddenly turned into a normal motorist blob by the seasonal changes of my job, I have to fit exercise into a schedule already crammed with other aims and interests. I have always understood how easy it is just to give it up. Color your view of the prisoners of indoor life with compassion, not contempt. It's hard to find time for everything, and we're conditioned to avoid exertion. Small wonder it gets discarded first.

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