Monday, February 04, 2008

I want a Traveler's Check

Even though I will probably never go anywhere but places I can ride to from my own driveway, I really want the new Surly Traveler's Check. Little did they know when they introduced the Cross Check in nineteen-ninety-whatever that it would play into such a perfectly enticing name for a perfectly enticing bike.

Imagine the full size Cross Check, my candidate for The Perfect Exploring Bike, fitted with S and S frame couplers so it can be knocked down to a normal luggage size for airline travel without paying the usual bike penalty. No weird-ass folding bike. I know Bike Fridays are an incredible piece of engineering. I admire them greatly. But I prefer to blend in if possible, not stand out on something odd-looking, however trick. I'm the secret agent type of guy, not the drum major or the clown. Clown I may actually be, but I don't flaunt it.

With winter still gripping the land, I am not doing anything with bikes right now except thinking about them from time to time. The skiing has been holding up in spite of what is actually a mild winter. All that could change if this thaw we just entered decides to turn into a long intro to April. Then I'll be back out on the fixed gear, debating a Steamroller as well as the TC.

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