Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unusual Spring Hazard

Bottles hurled from cars have been bouncing off the towering, iron-hard snowbanks and shattering on the pavement. This puts far more broken glass than usual into the area commonly traveled by bicyclists.

In a normal year, nothing would stop those missiles from landing much farther from the travel way.

As an interesting sociological note, drunk drivers consume far more wine than I ever realized. I don't know if the high proportion of full-sized wine bottles represents a new trend toward a higher class of drunk or if the larger bottles flew farther into the woods in normal years, making them harder to see than the lightweight beer cans and smaller beer bottles. These wine bottles are not from bottom-shelf swill. I'm waiting to see shattered brandy snifters. If you're going to get ploughed and drive, it should be on the best stuff you can get. After all, you only live once, and not for long, you thoughtless pigs.

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