Saturday, June 28, 2008

Iffy Weather

We're stuck in a tropical pattern with showers and thunderstorms rolling through every afternoon. They might hit at commuting time. They might not. They might include small hail and frequent lightning. They might not.

The helmet wards off small hail. Nothing wards off a massive blast of electricity.

Fortunately, this week someone has had to have a car in town at the right time to cover the homeward leg of my commute. Since all our transportation costs come out of the same pocket and we go in at different times, cycling is not just an indulgence. We're carpooling.

For the weekend, the plan gets murkier. So does the weather. Since Blue does not have a rack or fenders, I may run the old reliable Super Course. And I need to get a move on. After an 11-hour work day yesterday I was a little sluggish hopping out of bed to report for today's 8-8.5.


SuperJonMasterOfTheUniverse®™© said...

I know of no one that has been struck by lightning while cycling--Don't you owe yourself a quarter ?

cafiend said...

Why be the first?