Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Moulton Gems

I came late to the party at Dave Moulton's cycling blog, but I've been digging around in it during the past few days.

I love these Ten Commandments. For instance:

"2. Thou shall not run red lights, except when there is no one else around; it shall be as the tree falling silently in the forest.

3. When a motorist cuts you off, offer up the sign of the cross. One finger pointed towards Heaven will not suffice.

4. Thou shalt wave to thy fellow cyclist. If he should ignore you, offer your blessing, and not “Fuck you, moron.”

5. If three consecutive cyclists ignore your wave, you are exempt from the fourth commandment.

6. If passed while climbing a steep hill by a Fred with a 30 inch granny gear, resist the urge to wish that his chain will jump over his plastic dork disc and rip every spoke from his rear wheel."

And this:

"9. The meek shall inherit the earth. Blingy equipment that is lighter than an anorexic butterfly, will not substitute for miles in your legs."

Go have a look. The blog is a treasure trove of perspective, historical and otherwise, on cycling technology, frame design and much more.

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Joel said...

While I can't say I was a long time reader (about 6 months) I did love his posts. Thanks for bringing one I missed to my attention.