Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Car Becomes Lawn Ornament (for the most part)

Pumped up the tires and dusted off the Cross Check for the first week of bike commuting.

The forecast indicates I might need the rain bike at least one day this week, but I promised two potential Surly customers who would be good fits on a 54cm that I would ride mine every day I could so they could do some testing on it. They're actually interested in Long Haul Truckers, but the top tube on the 54 Cross Check splits the difference between the 54 and 56 LHT. Those are the two candidates they had picked just from reading specs.

They're launching their transcon tour late in the summer, so we have time to make good decisions. After that they get to dress the bikes with saddles, racks and all the other fun bits.

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