Saturday, December 05, 2009

Free Steak Knives with Bike Commute (this offer is only for bike commuters)

Yesterday as I rode to work on Route 28 I saw a pair of really nice steak knives just under the guard rail at the edge of the narrow shoulder. Unfortunately, I was running late and didn't want to stop. I would have had to lift my bike over the guard rail and climb over it myself to reduce the risk that a passing vehicle might clip me. So I made a mental note stop for them today, when I had to drive the car.

I had to pull the car onto the shoulder before the guardrail and hike about a quarter of a mile on the sidehill of the roadside banking to where I remembered seeing the cutlery. I went all that way and more, without seeing them. After I got back in my car I drove well below the speed limit, scanning the roadside to see if I had overlooked them. Apparently, someone else had gotten them before I could return. Maybe it was whoever had tossed them out in the first place. Or perhaps another cyclist.

I can't complain. The Roadside Tool and Supply Company has served me well over the years. I've scored socket wrenches, adjustable spanners, a four-pound sledge and even tableware. There will be more. Until then...keep watching the gutter!


Steve A said...

This is why I will carry more water bottle holders than water bottles next time I ride in the "Hotter N Hell 100." I plan to pick up my extra water bottles between 60 and 80 miles into the ride. I didn't notice any primo water bottles after 80 miles and I'd hate to have to carry extras further than necessary.

For myself, a single water bottle will suffice, but I'll have three carriers aboard.

Rantwick said...

I once visited a bike blog, I forget what it was called, in which the cyclist stopped and took pictures of any lost mittens or gloves. I was kind of cool, and British, I think...

[topee] << he heee!

cafiend said...

Interesting. You could definitely gather all kinds of images from the roadside.