Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Build to Suit

On a dark, rainy day I finished this Surly Pacer for a triathlete who wanted a bad weather training bike so she won't keep beating up her expensive racing rocket. We duplicated her position to make the transition from one bike to the other as smooth as possible. That's why it has aero bars and fenders.

Many of the parts came off a 650c Litespeed Blade she had been riding before she got her custom Serotta. Even though the Blade was a small-wheel bike with a small frame, it was too long for her in ways that couldn't be cured with componentry choices. It's a great frame if you fit it, and it's available, with a Zipp wheel set.


TJ said...

Is that a 42 cm Pacer? And do I read correctly, that it's up for sale? How much?

cafiend said...

Sorry. It's her cast-off Litespeed that's available. The Pacer is her new bike.