Friday, June 04, 2010

June Looks Interesting

As the summer repair season really ramps up, one technician departs for a month in Nova Scotia. The other one will be heading off to Alaska for a week or two later in the month.

That leaves me.

One day last summer when several people were away and the waiting area for repairs was full, some dingus came in on a cloudy, showery day with no customers in the store. He wanted me to drop everything and go dig in the basement junk piles for a fork he could use on a hobby project he was doing. When I told him it wasn't a good time he said, "It's not like you're busy or anything," as he gestured to the sales floor.

I did not split his scalp with a flying wrench. I did throw him out.

If the Gulf Stream carries the Gulf of Mexico oil slick to New England's beaches quickly enough it may encourage people to vacation inland. We could be very busy in the latter part of the summer. Oh boy oh boy. I'm trying to put a good economic spin on things.

Every disaster is really an opportunity, even one that decimates the food chain on which all life depends. Actually, certain bacteria eat oil, so their outlook is quite good. However, a byproduct of that metabolism is carbon dioxide, so it's hardly a free lunch, if you will. Also, the process takes time and I don't know what follows the massive proliferation of these microbes. Perhaps we develop a slew of new recipes for oil-eating bacteria soup. They would technically be sea food, replacing the more familiar tasty fare we have come to expect. The critical question is, "how do they taste deep-fried?"

No time for further musings right now. I have to rush off to the greasy box in which I spend irreplaceable hours of precious life.

And they called it "employment."

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