Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well this is annoying

After denying us our livelihood for December, January and February, winter prepares to tighten its grip as March moves in. Blizzards of snow now would not make up for the loss of merely adequate snow at critical times. Heavy snow late would simply bring the winter's total up to "average," burying the economic horror and mood-destroying lack of exercise under a mask of statistical normality.

Last winter we had deep snow on the ground until late February. An early thaw wiped it out completely. One never knows. By mid-March the finish line is in sight. With clear roads we can ride across it. After a winter that seemed designed to inhibit every imaginable form of self-propelled travel, can we expect things to go our way now?

This winter all people have been able to do is hang out indoors and give each other diseases. I'm ready for some fresh air and sunshine.

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