Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness

The surge of summer heat continued today for what is supposed to be the final day. It's not plunging back to normal, though. It's coasting down over about five days with very little rain in the forecast.

We usually have the month of March to collect our thoughts and assemble new bikes for the sales floor. This year we have a tangle of customer bikes jammed in the waiting area as well as the shipment of more than 30 new ones from Specialized and the first eight from Surly.

Happy cyclists ride too hard in this illusion of summer. The warm air makes it easier. When the chill settles in late next week will they all disappear into spinning classes and private hells of indoor training or will they heroically push the big gears in the raw wind and damn the knee pain?

I'm too old and decrepit to fall for the temptation to push myself. Today was my first ride to work from home. I've ridden further on training rides already, but not on as many hills. I'm not hammering the climbs or sprinting after traffic.

Some drivers did a truly stellar job going by me today. No one was a jerk. So that was nice.

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Steve A said...

So, in other words, every driver that passed you was at least decent? In my book, those would be a group of MY motorists!

It is fun hearing you talk about the heat. It was cold today here - as in 63F on the way home. Before too long, we will see 100...