Friday, June 29, 2012

Ungreased bolts speak for themselves

Time has been short so I have not posted all the great ideas I've been scribbling on scraps of paper or mentally rehearsing. I haven't edited the videos I'm accumulating from the helmet cam. But here's a tidbit from the workshop:

Gripping, eh?

Shimano's espionage service has successfully jammed both my attempts to take a video of de-earwaxing a Rapidfire  shifter. It could also be my own ineptitude shooting with a camera that has no viewfinder. The Contour HD 1080p is wondrously streamlined and minimalist. I'll get it figured out eventually.


Janice in GA said...

Now I want to go out and check all my bolts for noise. O,o

Steve A said...

Hmm, didn't work on my iPhone, but I can imagine...

RANTWICK said...

Mmmm, grease. I once took a rim and two rear hubs, old and new, to make a new wheel for me.

The shop owner, when I was picking up my new wheel, remarked on how easy it was to remove the cogs from the old flip-flop hub because they had been well greased, not like on his own bikes. What? Really?

I'm hoping he doesn't do any repair or assembly work!