Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When come back bring pie!!*

Happy customers sometimes bring gifts. I've been fortunate enough to make this customer very happy for several years. She brought this blueberry pie on Sunday. Big G and I were holding the fort by ourselves. We were tempted to leave an empty plate and a note that said "you shoulda been here!"

At home I got to continue the pie festival with the cellist's pecan cookie crust blueberry pie:

Great for dessert or as breakfast with some Greek yogurt on top, it's a perfect companion for a cup of coffee.

Ride to eat. Eat to ride.



Big Oak said...

I can live without many things. Pie (especially blueberry) is not one of those things.

Pecan crust, eh? Sounds like a gift direct from the Pie Gods.

cafiend said...

Indeed it is!