Friday, April 12, 2013

Unexpected allies

A young man was browsing among the bikes. He told me he was interested in a road bike. He'd done some research and ridden a borrowed bike, so he had a rough idea of the size he liked. I pulled down the only 54-centimeter bike we had, so he could check it out.

As we discussed his objectives and price range he told me he wants the bike to improve his physical fitness for motocross racing. Not bicycle motocross. Real motocross. Apparently, bicycling is a highly respected training method in competitive motocross.

I knew that downhill mountain bikers used motorcycles to train for the speed and handling aspects of their sport. I knew cross-country mountain bike racers had taken up road training long ago because it provided a more predictable, calculable workout for overall conditioning. I did not know that anyone in motorsports considered us as any better than learning-impaired cousins.

This is why you shouldn't make assumptions about whole categories of people. It saves embarrassment when you learn more about those people.

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greatpumpkin said...

Ian Sims of Greenspeed recumbent trikes used to race motorcycles, and got into trikes because he wanted to go fast, have fun and be healthy and environmentally conscious. He's now 70 and still riding fast trikes.