Sunday, October 27, 2013


My lair smells like coffee smoke.
I just finished roasting this batch of Kenyan on a grill in the garage. Loving that smell and the coffee chaff on the floor.
My assistant pays close attention as long as I keep finding dog treats in my jacket pocket. He doesn't know I'm trying to train him a little. A little would be a lot more training than he has ever had.
The work stand waits for its next job. I thought someone was dropping off a bike today, but she probably decided to wait until her new rear derailleur arrives.
November's typical cloud cover is being delivered a little early. The sun would break through for seconds or minutes, but wind-driven clouds would snap it off like a switch. The play of light would best be enjoyed with a long view, not in this close forest. Here it's just like some annoying jerk flipping it on and off. Quit it! Jeez!

It's chilly out here. This building would be hard to insulate. I use the full height and store stuff on the rafters. So cold weather work is taxing.  I can't leave any tools or equipment out here that can't withstand potential subzero temperature.


Steve A said...

Interesting. I just got an air popper for the same purpose.

cafiend said...

Nice. I keep looking at my options and trying to design a little drum with a crank that would fit into either woodstove and at least the bigger gas grill. I keep looking at more sophisticated devices as well.

What I've read about air poppers says they'll only do 3-4 ounces at a time. I would have to roast pretty often. Even if roasting time is much shorter than with my current methods, setup and handling take at least as long as they do now. I can only roast on a day off from work. So I'm doing 8-9 ounces a roast, in each of two varieties of bean.