Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A further delay

The rear hub of the Serotta felt gummy. The freehub was dragging. Inside I found this worn, cracked bushing.
Of course it's specific to Mavic.  Of course they don't sell it separately. Some guy on eBay offers them. I haven't pursued it yet. Frankly, I'm surprised to see a Mavic rear wheel this old that doesn't have an exploded rim. This rider is quite light, for all her ferocious power. I wish the rim had failed. Then we could walk away from the whole mess.

This Mavic wheel is so old it has 5mm socket flats in both ends of the axle. The newer ones have 10mm on one end.

Test riding the new shifter noodle arrangement will have to wait while we round up an interim wheel.


Steve A said...

Tell the owner I'd consider trading my 45 year-old Falcon for the Serotta...

cafiend said...

Dude: head tube cable stops. And of course it has VD so you can't run it as a single speed.