Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2014 cranks up

First ride to work today.  In a few weeks I hope to feel like a well oiled machine. Right now I just feel like a greasy doughnut.
This was waiting for me on the work bench. It's duh speshul tool for eleven speed. Boy oh boy. Gotta have that special tool. Of course Shimano has had plans for 14-speed in the files since the mid 1990s. Can you doubt that skinnier chains and more special tools are in our future?

In my immediate future is a pile of repairs.  Then I have to drag my slug ass home.


John said...

Well ... at least it's ergonomic. =)

cafiend said...


Steve A said...

Where will all this end?

cafiend said...

Hehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehhehheh.....(insane laughter)