Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snippets of Effingham

On my days off I can spend the whole time hanging around my house if I don't make a point to get out. The cats need to go out and come in, laundry needs doing, little and large chores beckon. And a certain amount of time simply goes to sloth.

On Monday I used a trip to the post office as the basis for a ride. Yesterday I had to tell myself the ride itself was important.

The day was mild. I won't call it unseasonable, because I have hiked shirtless in November, and climbed ice two weeks later. It's just New England.

I threw on the helmet cam just for grins.

A lot of town looks like this. 
This part goes across the tornado swath from 2008.
Here's a nice fast bit down to Route 153
Bustling downtown Center Effingham - also known as  Lord's  Hill  -  boasts the bandstand, the meeting house and several other historic structures. 
The payoff for grinding your way up to Lord's  Hill from the south is that you get to scream down this descent. 
Not my personal best for this descent, but zippy.  I know I should be more conservative, but once you hit a certain speed you might as well let it rip. A crash would already hurt a lot. So tuck and fly. 
Route 153 levels right out after that. You pass through the Farm by the River. Say hi to the sheep.
And then you reach the river the farm is by: Ossipee  River. I've watched the retaining wall along the road get lower and lower over the years. 

After that it was just a short bumpy ride on the chip seal of Route 25 to get back to Green Mountain  Road. 

There was still time to let the cats play some more. Missions accomplished. 


NHcycler said...

"I've watched the retaining wall along the road get lower and lower over the years. "

No, you've been getting taller and taller over the years!

cafiend said...

Actually it's the road that's gotten taller with each repaving. Kind of a bummer because the wall was really cool.