Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The aftermath

The workshop looked serene enough after Monday's chaos.

There was this pile of insulation,

This full trash barrel,

This jumble of rental skis, 

The upended rental ski rack, aka the lobster trap,

And the floor looking -- believe it or not -- cleaner than usual.

A faint tinge of a funky brown reek hangs in the air. Much of the wood in this building is more than a century old. The newer stuff has still absorbed grunge for many decades.

The crew from upstairs carried away the pile of insulation and the trash barrel today. They seem thoughtful and chastened.

I'm really glad we don't have gas lines up there. I'm pretty sure we don't, anyway.


Steve A said...

Let's hope that, after the mess, the condo is nice.

cafiend said...

Indeed. The plumber they brought in after the debacle seems to have a brain. And the builder we heard they're bringing in has done some nicely-fitted work for us in the past.

This morning they started their day by smashing bathtubs with sledgehammers right over our clothing retail area. They broke one light bulb and jostled another one loose before our Supreme Leader got them to shift their area and drop debris into the workshop again.